The licensing Unit is responsible for the issuance of different types of licenses that the department administers. These include sea cucumber, fisher folk, vessel, shark fin, seafood permit, renewal and replacement of lost license, black coral and aquarium collector.

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Fisher folk License Requirements


  • Applicant Must Be 18 years or older and
  • Present a valid Social Security card or
  • Voters Identification Card along with a Birth Certificate or
  • Valid passport

Naturalize Belizean

  • Applicant Must Be 18 years or older and
  • Present a Nationality Certificate and a valid Social Security card or
  • Valid passport

All Applicants must present the following

  • Proof of residency (copy of one utility bill: Electricity. Water or Telephone) and
  • Proof of sale in Belize (Receipt of sale of fishery products from fishermen cooperative, restaurant, hotel etc.)

If no utility bill is available then the applicant is required to present the three (3) months rental receipt and, an affidavit or letter from the landlord stating that the applicant is residing at his/her residence for the last three (3) months and this must be signed by a justice of the peace.

Vessel License Requirement

  • Owner or master of the vessel must have a valid commercial fisher folk license.
  • Vessel must have a valid sea worthy certificate issued by the Belize Port Authority

Fisher Folk Renewal License Application Form

New Entrance Fisher Folk License Application Form

Vessel Renewal License Application Form

Vessel New Entrance Application Form

Renewal Cook Application Form

New Entrance Cook Application Form