Sea Food Permit Requirement

  • The persons full name
  • Date the person is leaving
  • Amount of sea food they are taking

The permit only allows you a maximum of 20 pounds of sea food combined and it is only valid for seven (7) days.

Persons taking conch will need to provide their address here in Belize and their home address.


Research Permit Requirement


In order to conduct any aquatic research in Belize, a researcher needs to apply for a research permit. There is the need to fill in an application form which should be submitted to the Fisheries Department along with a scientific proposal. The proposal will be vetted and approved within two weeks of submission. The researcher will be contacted and can receive the permit after paying the prescribed fee of $250 US inside any protected area and $100 US outside a protected area. The research permit has a set of guidelines that the researcher needs to abide in order to be compliant with the Fisheries Regulations. The research permit expires on December 31 of every year.


Research can take more than one year and as a result, the researcher needs to get a permit renewal by submitting an update report.

Researchers need to apply for the export of specimen at least one week before departure. The Fisheries Department also issues a CITES certificate when specimen to be exported are under any of the CITES Appendices.

Researchers need to submit a copy of their research findings to the Fisheries Department at the time of publication.

Application Form: